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In journalism parlance, to file is when a reporter turns in a finished draft to their editor for review and publication. Filed is a newsletter produced by Ken Yeung highlighting the best technology-centric stories written by the media.

As a journalist for The Next Web and VentureBeat, Ken covered many facets of tech including startups, venture capital and fundraising, the many developments of so-called Big Tech (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and Amazon), mobile apps, gadgets and much more. He currently leads the tech and science curation for Flipboard. After years of reporting on the latest industry news and parsing through publications in search of quality articles, he yearned for a better way to further filter signal from noise.

Let him spend time parsing through the news and curating the articles you absolutely need to read to make sure you’re well-informed about what happened that week.

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Curating the first draft of tech history with a dose of perspective.


Curating the first draft of history. Journalist, digital marketer, and content creator. Previously Flipboard's assistant managing editor and tech reporter for VentureBeat and The Next Web. Podcaster.